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Useful Codes In Android That You Have Never Tried Before

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)and Phone Android Secret Codes : WLAN, GPS And Bluetooth Test Android Secret Codes :

How To Hide Images/Files On Your Android Device

1.Go to file manager of your device. 2.Go to the specified location where the image/file is stored. 3.Identify the name of the image/file and rename it with a ‘.’ in the front,for example if it is “bankdetails.pdf” rename to “.bankdetails.pdf”… Continue Reading →

Trace And Wipe Data Of Your Lost Android Phone

NOTE:TO FOLLOW THIS METHOD MAKE SURE  THE DEVICE IS CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET Losing your phone is one of the worst things that can happen. These devices contain sensitive information and private data. If your phone falls into the wrong… Continue Reading →

How To Unlock Locked Patterns On Android (3 ways)

Method 1: Unlock USING THE IN-BUILT ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER NOTE : TO MAKE USE OF THIS METHOD ENSURE THAT THE MOBILE SHOULD BE CONNECTED TO INTERNET  1.Make sure that Android device manager is installed in your device.In most cases, it is available… Continue Reading →

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