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How to stop pendrives from getting unwanted viruses ?

​Today, A big problem for windows user is to secure their data from viruses. Especially, in Pendrives, no one wants to keep their important data in pendrives because pendrives are portable devices and during sharing data it may get infected… Continue Reading →

Fix a Corrupted Pen Drive or SD card using Command Prompt

​Has your Pen Drive or SD card stopped working suddenly? Are you tired of formatting it again and again? And still, your storage devices continue to malfunction. Most of you might have faced this problem with your Pen Drives and… Continue Reading →

How To Download A Complete Website To Browse Offline Without Internet

​Our life is now centered around Internet and data connection. Without the Internet connection, we can not use our smartphones or laptops to their optimum potential. This is true when sometimes we need to access very important web pages but can’t… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Best Free Microsoft Excel Alternative Tools

​Microsoft Excel is a standout amongst the most prominent software of making sheets with over a billion clients. It is being utilized to making outlines, tables, reports, recognizing patterns, and organizing information, and so on. However, it accompanies some splendid… Continue Reading →

How to transfer files between PC and ANDROID using Wi-Fi

We generally use USB cables, Bluetooth to transfer files between PC and Android. With USB cable the transferring speed is high But daily usage of USB cable is sometimes irritating and annoying for most of the users to carry USB cable with… Continue Reading →

How to send text and SMS from your PC

​ little while ago, you had to have your phone in hand in order to send a text message. Nowadays, you have the option of doing so from your PC. There’s an increasing variety of user-friendly applications that make it super… Continue Reading →

How to Play the Hidden Chess Game on FB Messenger

​Did you know that you can play Chess on Facebook? Well, on Facebook Messenger to be exact. It is a hidden command that can be triggered with @fbchess but be warned it is a very tedious way to play an online chess… Continue Reading →

How To Increase The Size Of Your SD Card Or Pendrive

In this post we are talking about how to expand any sdcard or pendrive memory size upto 32gb by using SDATA TOOL software. By using this software you can expand your memory size of any sdcard or pendrive. For example: If you… Continue Reading →

How To Find Your Wi-fi Password

​You want to share your WiFi connection with a friend or simply connect a new device, but it’s been ages since you’ve had to type in a password to get online. If you have a device already connected to the… Continue Reading →

Most Ridiculously Awesome Funny Computer Pranks 

​Have some fun with your friends with best funny computer pranks .Today we are sharing the best funny computer pranks and instruction to how to make pranks on your friend’s computer using simple command on notepad. Have you been the one who… Continue Reading →

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