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This Hack Tool Uses SS7 Flaw to Trace Call, Location Of Every Single Mobile Phone

​ This tool uses SS7 Flaw to let you spy on mobile phone calls, messages and user location The latest news only confirms the theory that Israeli firms are creating a position in the spying and surveillance industry with their… Continue Reading →

How to Play the Hidden Chess Game on FB Messenger

​Did you know that you can play Chess on Facebook? Well, on Facebook Messenger to be exact. It is a hidden command that can be triggered with @fbchess but be warned it is a very tedious way to play an online chess… Continue Reading →

How To Increase The Size Of Your SD Card Or Pendrive

In this post we are talking about how to expand any sdcard or pendrive memory size upto 32gb by using SDATA TOOL software. By using this software you can expand your memory size of any sdcard or pendrive. For example: If you… Continue Reading →

Record Your iPhone Easily

​In order to record your iPhone screen you’ll need a Mac. 1.Connect your iPhone to your Mac via Lightning Cable 2. Allow your Mac to access your iPhone 3. Open QuickTime Player App (Go to Spotlight Search and type for… Continue Reading →

iOS 10 beast features

 ​Turn your iPhone camera into a virtual magnifying glass: Thanks to a new accessibility feature called Magnifier, iOS 10 users can use their iPhone camera to really zoom in on text or an object at a distance. To enable this… Continue Reading →

What tricks make an iOS app feel responsive?

​General Optimizations that Make You Faster:   Use Core Animation to your maximum benefit. This is an area of the iOS API that can sometimes be poorly understood by devs. Cache UI elements intelligently. The shouldRasterize flag on CALayer objects… Continue Reading →

IPhone 7 tips and tricks

1. Wake your iPhone 7 by picking it up The iPhone 7 comes with iOS 10, Apple’s latest version of its mobile operating system, which packs a number of cool features for the iPhone 7. One of the most useful… Continue Reading →

 Follow This To Get Better Wi-fi Connectivity

​If you notice that your Wi-Fi is consuming a lot more battery than it usually does, or you always appear to be connected but the internet isn’t exactly lightning fast, then you might be suffering from a poor Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi… Continue Reading →

10 Common iPhone 5 Problems & How to Fix Them

​Apple recently released its iPhone 5 iOS 9.3.1 update, a bug fix update for Apple’s former flagship. The upgrade fixes many iOS 9 problems but iPhone 5 users on iOS 9 (and other versions of iOS) continue to complain about various issues…. Continue Reading →

How to read WhatsApp messages without alerting the sender

​Whether you are avoiding to respond to your friend’s crisis or playing cool with a date, WhatsApp blue ticks are sometimes unhelpful. This messaging application displays a double blue tick when a recipient reads a message which can create some… Continue Reading →

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