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February 2017

How To Download A Complete Website To Browse Offline Without Internet

​Our life is now centered around Internet and data connection. Without the Internet connection, we can not use our smartphones or laptops to their optimum potential. This is true when sometimes we need to access very important web pages but can’t… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Best Free Microsoft Excel Alternative Tools

​Microsoft Excel is a standout amongst the most prominent software of making sheets with over a billion clients. It is being utilized to making outlines, tables, reports, recognizing patterns, and organizing information, and so on. However, it accompanies some splendid… Continue Reading →

Quick Tip – How to set SIM card lock on Android for added security

​There are quite a few security portals built into the Android OS to keep your device and its contents safe. While the solid passcode or fingerprint lock can be a robust defense, you can set SIM card lock on Android… Continue Reading →

How to automatically change wallpaper on Android by time, location, day and more

​Since you spend a whole lot of time looking at your Android homescreen, you might as well have something refreshing to look at. If you own a Chromecast and love the transitioning wallpapers that light up your TV, you can… Continue Reading →

Need for Speed – How to switch to strongest Wi-Fi network automatically on Android

​As wonderful and liberating wireless networks can be, they are not perfect. While a regular router might do the trick for some, for those of us living in a large complex or a two-storey house always fall short of coverage…. Continue Reading →

How to transfer files between PC and ANDROID using Wi-Fi

We generally use USB cables, Bluetooth to transfer files between PC and Android. With USB cable the transferring speed is high But daily usage of USB cable is sometimes irritating and annoying for most of the users to carry USB cable with… Continue Reading →

How to go live on Twitter

​Twitter is the one major social network where you actually have to make an effort to constrict everything you want to say to fit into a very short space. But that’s about to change. The network recently announced live video,… Continue Reading →

Safety on the road: How to automatically let your friends know your location on Android

​If you have parents or an overly attached girlfriend who worry about you all the time, it can be quite a challenge to keep them informed of your whereabouts. While there are apps that can do the trick, but there… Continue Reading →

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