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November 2016

Gmail Tips And Tricks

Check out the categories in your inbox Your emails are automatically organized into tabs. For example, an email about a sale from a shopping site can be found in the “Promotions” tab. Learn more about inbox categories. Choose a theme… Continue Reading →

Gmail Amazes You With These Tricks

Activate Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts You may be able to use keyboard shortcuts throughout your computer, but when it comes to Gmail, there’s some specific ones that you’ll have to enable through your account settings. 1. Log in to your Gmail… Continue Reading →

Tired Of Using YouTube With Mouse

With Lean Back, you can turn YouTube into a keyboard-only interactive website. The site is overhauled with a unique and beautifully designed user interface that allows you to search for videos, while only using the arrow and enter keys. You… Continue Reading →

Apple Tricks

1. Customize a vibration pattern for texts, alerts, and phone calls Instead of sticking to the standard vibration pattern for your text messages, create your own! If you head to your phone’s settings and navigate through Sounds > Ringtones > Vibration, press… Continue Reading →

Check Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Mac

Chances are that you never think of your wi-fi password after your set it up. So how can you recover a saved password from your Mac when you forget it? All you need is your administrator account password. Open Keychain… Continue Reading →

Zoom the Webpages Using Shortcuts

As someone who reads a lot of content on the web, I commonly come across long articles with small text. You may know that web browsers can change the zoom levels from 100% to larger or smaller, but it’s a… Continue Reading →

Quickly switch to Guest account in two Clicks

“Can I use your computer to check something for a minute?” asks a colleague / stranger.  You could politely refuse, but if you’re feeling generous you could log your mac into the guest user account in about five seconds without affecting your… Continue Reading →

How To Disable Siri On Mac

Some Mac users may wish to turn off Siri on their Mac, perhaps because they aren’t using the Siri service on their computer or maybe they’d rather just use Siri on the iPhone or iPad instead. Regardless of the reason,… Continue Reading →

Unknown Apple Tricks

1. Tricks in Different Apps Dial an Extension Automatically with the Phone App The Phone Number Pause feature in iPhone allows you to tell your iPhone to pause after calling a number and then dial another number. So, let’s say… Continue Reading →

Google search engine games

How To Play “Tic Tac Toe” And “Solitaire” Directly From Google Search:- Are you in the mood for a game of Solitaire or Tic Tac Toe? Do you not want to install the games though? Well, who said anything about… Continue Reading →

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